⏰Monday of the Eighteenth Week of Ordinary Time (05 August 2019)

📖Num 11:4b-15; Ps 81:12-13, 14-15, 16-17 (R.v.2a); Matt 14:13-21

My dear, how much are your needs and problems? Are they so much that they are now trying to weigh you down? Have you been going to places for solutions without getting any? Are your pillows now wet with tears out of frustration?

Weep no more! I have seen a solution to propose for your problems – J.E.S.U.S! he is bigger than all your problems, and bigger than everything, both seen and unseen; stated and unstated. Tell him about that problem that is trying to frustrate you.

Are you feeling incapacitated like Moses in Num 11:10-15 or like the disciples of Jesus in Matt 14:15-17? Or, is the insatiable wants of this world driving you crazy as it did to the Israelites in the desert (cf. Num 11:4-9)? It might equally be that that problem has driven you to a lonely place like the people who followed Jesus (cf. Matt 14:14).

In all of those situations, St. Paul reminds us that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us (cf. Rom 8:35-39).

So, as the darkness of the night gives way to the brightness of the morning to usher us into this new working week, I encourage you to pick up a smiling face like the brightness of the morning and allow your problems to melt away with the disappearing darkness of the night.

Jesus is already commanding his angels to help you out of your many problems (Matt 14:16). Those problems/worries would be things of the past if you agree to follow his orders and sit down with him (see Matt 14:19ff).

May we hear his voice again inviting us to come to him for solutions to our many problems (Matt 11:28). And as you approach him with a willing heart, may he help you find a way out of your present crisis or any other that might come up in future. Amen.

Have a happy working week with renewed strength and success. Peace be with you.

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    Amen , and with your spirit

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