⏰Friday of the Seventh Week of Ordinary Time 2 (25 May 2018)

đź“–Jam 5:9-12; Ps 108:1-2, 3-4, 8-9, 11-12 (R.v.8a); Mark 10:1-12

My dear, God has made us for himself, and he continues to take care of us in all situations. Sometimes, difficulties and distractions can come our way and affect us badly to an extent that we begin to question if God is still on the throne.

The presence of Jesus among us is everlasting; he said so himself (cf. Matt 28:20). Hence, St. James reminds us today that no matter what challenges we face in our profession of faith, perseverance and steadfastness are the elements that would lead us to victory just as it did for our ancestors in faith.

As Christians, who are called to be united in love, those two elements are demanded of us to help us work for peace and mutual respect. There is no better place to begin the practice of that than in the family.

Therefore, Jesus reminds us that the original intention of God for marriage is for everlasting communion. In creating the male and female into one life, he did not create them to enjoy life together when the goings are good, and abandon life when difficulties set in. Like St. James still encouraged us, perseverance and steadfastness should always be their watchword.

May the Holy Spirit renew his gifts in us continously and enable us to be United with one another here and with him for ever. Amen.

Have a peaceful day ahead. Peace be with you.

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