⏰Saturday of the Seventh Week of Ordinary Time 2 (26 May 2018)

đź“–Jam 5:13-20; Ps 141:1-2, 3 and 8 (R.v.2a); Mark 10:13-16

Some time ago, one of my friends who was fighting to reject the Catholic teachings on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, pushed it to what I may call an “irreligious” end when he even rejected the fact that another person can pray for him. Well, St. James describes three levels of intercession in Jam 5:13-20
👉Personal intercession
👉Intercession by the priest, and;
👉Intercession by the community.

The Catholic Church has a Sacrament which is known as the Anointing of the Sick. It is a Sacrament in which the priest is invited to anoint a baptised sick person and pray for him. It serves to give grace, peace, strength and even healing (both physical and spiritual) to the sick.

This Sacrament is not given to only those who are about to die as many understood from the title, “extreme unction.” As St. James said, it is for healing and salvation (cf. Jam 5:14). I was privileged to receive this Sacrament when I had an accident on February 10, 1999; 19 years after, I’m still alive and strong.

Finally, we are all children of the kingdom of God who are privileged to be with Jesus at all times (see Mark 10:13-16). But sin can hinder us from remaining in his presence. Hence, James also informs us of one of the spiritual works of Mercy, which is, “To convert the sinner” and the benefits of doing so (cf. Jam 5:19-20).

May the healing mercy of God meet you today at the very point of your need so that your joy would be restored and your hope, firm in God. Amen

Have a peaceful and restful weekend, garnished with God’s mercy. Peace be with you.

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