⏰Tuesday of the Eighteenth Week of Ordinary Time (08 August 2023 – Memorial of St. Dominic)

????Num 12:1-13; Ps 51:3-4, 5-6ab, 6cd-7, 12-13 (R.v.3a); Matt 14:22-36

There is one Igbo adage which says, “Nwata kpachụọ ibe ya na nkụ, asi na ọ kpara nke ya n’ajọ ọhịa,” literally meaning that when a child fetches more firewood than his mates, they will allege that he fetched his from the evil forest. Why would that happen? ENVY AND JEALOUSY! They want to rubbish his integrity so that they can uphold themselves.

Envy and jealousy are dangerous diseases that smells badly. It destroys not only the person being attacked, but also the attacker. Consider the story of Moses, Aaron and Miriam in Num 12:1-13 from this point. Aaron and Miriam felt that Moses was now being favoured more than they are, hence they tried to pull him down, and the result is that Miriam became leprous.

My dear, are you in any way being jealous of a God-given talent in another person? Have you tried to pull others down because they seem better? Beware of leprosy! Nemesis is real.

St. Paul tells us that the different gifts that we have are given to us to help us to form a strong community – the body of Christ (cf. 1 Cor 12:1-31). If Jesus was not the Master, Peter would have sank into the sea and be forgotten (see Matt 14:22-36). Yet, Jesus needed Peter to be the head of the Church (cf. Matt 16:18).

You too have a reason you were created and an impact you are expected to make. Some are ordained to be exorcists, others to be counsellors, others to be preachers, while some others, to be professors. St. Dominic discovered his call to be a preacher and worked hard to be the best of it. Today, we celebrate him as a great hero and a saint of God; the founder of the Order of Preachers.

Do your best in whatever position you are and be assured that God’s favour shall locate you in that position. And may God save from envious hearts and self-destructive ambitions. Amen.

I wish you a stress-free day. Peace be with you.

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