????Dan 7:9-10, 13-14; Ps 97:1-2, 5-6, 9 (R.v.1a, 9a); Matt 17:1b-9

Among other reasons, the transfiguration of Jesus serves to encourage the disciples and strengthen their faith in view of the impending passion of Jesus. This is a follow-up to the events that took place at the region of Caesarea Philippi (Matt 16:13-28). There, was obvious confusion with regard to the identity of Jesus. Even after Peter had identified him as the Christ (cf. Matt 16:16), he still went on to try to stop Jesus when he was told how Jesus was meant to fulfill his mission as the Christ, he became canal and doubted (cf. Matt 16:22). Transfiguration was meant to clear that doubt that might still be lingering in their mind. See the conviction with which Peter led the work of evangelization in the early church (Acts 2-5) as an effect of that stamp of God.

Beyond that, the different persons and things that made up the drama of the transfiguration point to the end time. The prophet Malachi prophesied this meeting in that view (Mal 3:22-23). The dazzling white reflects the glory of the end time (cf. Rev 7:13).

The event took place on a high mountain, indicating a place of personal encounter with God (cf. Exod 3:1; 24:12; Isa 19:8; Luke 6:12). But the devil also tempted Jesus from a mountain (Matt 4:8). The difference is on the voice that is heard. The Father spoke and gave us the instruction to LISTEN to Jesus.

Are we ready to listen to Jesus? If we listen to Jesus, he will encourage us and strengthen our faith as he always did the apostles (see Matt 14:27-32); he will prepare a place for us to spend the end time without pains (see John 14:1-4); he will lead us with him to encounter God in his holy place (see John 14:6-7).

Note that in order to be able to listen well, you must be able to follow him up to the mountain as Peter, James and John did. These three represent those who seriously desire to be want to be with Jesus. In Matt 20:20-23, James and John desired to be where Jesus would be, and in Matt 26:33, Peter expressed his desire to remain with Jesus no matter what happens. Are you also ready to remain with Jesus? If you do so, he will grant you fulfillment.

May God give us the grace to remain focused on Jesus even in the midst of suffering so as to win the glory that is to be revealed at the end of time. And may the cloud of God’s glory overshadow us in all we do today and beyond. Amen.

Have a wonderful and transforming experience of Christ today. Peace be with you.

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