IMG-20150822-WA0006⏰Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent (06 April 2019)

📖Jer 11:18-20; Ps 7:2-3, 9bc-10, 11-12 (R.v.2a); John 7:40-53

Do you understand why we have been focused on the troubles of the just in the hands of evil men in recent days?

It suits the time that we are in presently. The passion week (Holy Week) of Jesus is just some days off. And by now, the Jewish leaders were already planning on how best to deal with him. One of such plans is seen in the Gospel, John 7:40-53. This particular plan offers us an important lesson.

Notice that such evil plots on Jesus were for no just cause. The people were simply confused about his identity and his teachings. Ironically, this confusion is upon those who claim to have understanding and are not ready to open up themselves to be affected by the Word of God whereas, those with lesser understanding, the temple police opened up and acknowledged the power of God in Jesus.

Most times, we behave like the Jews in our expression of our faith. We tend to close our minds against the activities of the Holy Spirit because of our myopic views on the word of God. Sometimes we even oppress the very Word of God we claim to protect due to such attitude.

Why not pray with us today that the Lord may give us the grace to understand his ways and teachings wholeheartedly?

As we begin this new month may the Holy Spirit open our heart to understand all the God reveals for our own salvation and may all our desires in this month be granted us through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Have an enlightened and restful weekend. Peace be with you.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen! Thanks Fada, have a blessed week end in JESUS name.

  2. onwuka says:

    Fada , God bless you abundantly. You have chosen a better part like Mary. Feeding the sheep daily with spiritual food. Cheers.

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