Readings: Isa 58:9c-14; Ps 86:1-2, 3-4, 5-6 (R.v.11ab); Luke 5:27-32

Do you know that fasting does not only imply abstinence from food? It also involves keeping away from certain pleasures especially those of them that offend God. There is no such effort that we make on our spiritual journey that God does not reward hundred-fold. The more charity we do, the more grace and blessings he gives us (cf. Isa 58:10-12).

Note that that does not mean that God rewards us only because we have done something for him or that whatever blessing we get is as a result of our goodness to God. That is reward-centered morality, a bad type that is often found in the life of the Pharisees (cf. Luke 18:9-12).

God’s love for us is a gift; an unmerited gift. Obviously, Levi does not merit it but God gave it to him (Luke 5:27-32). We too, like Levi does not merit it but God gives it to us. Whatever we give God in return is just an appreciation of that unmerited love. Yet, God also appreciate this move by showering us more and more blessing.

How much effort are you making at this period to appreciate God with your talent, time and treasure? Do you know that all those were given to you by God? When was the last time you kept the Sabbath by going to Church, restraining from evil and hard work? Are you among those who find pleasure in trading and going to farms on Sunday instead of going to worship God?

Remember that God can do for you even more than you can ever achieve in disobedience of his Laws (see Isa 58:13).

As you make effort to come back to God in this Lent through works of charity, may he increase the blessings of your entire household and uplift you even more than you would ever imagine. Amen.

I wish you a blessed weekend. It is well with you.

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