⏰Thursday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time Year 2 (8 February 2018)

????1 Kgs 11:4-13; Ps 106:3-4, 35-36, 37 and 40 (R.v.4a); Mark 7:24-30

Did you find time to make the self-evaluation we recommended yesterday? Hope you were able to put on the veil of Christ so as to reflect him in all that you do. It is actually to our benefits if we could do so. You know why? God is ever faithful to those who put their trust in him. More importantly, this faithfulness has no end.

You care to know where I got that insight? Remember that promise God made to David in 2 Sam 7:12-16 concerning his everlasting destiny. Yes! Even when Solomon sinned, God still remembered his servant David and the promise he made to him.

My dear, God loves you as he loved David. He cares for you. Listen to what he says of you through the prophet Jeremiah, “I know what plans I have for you… Plans for peace and not for disaster, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11). And that future is one which is filled with blessings (see Num 6:24-27).

It doesn’t matter what your situation is right now. It might be that your life is not as sweet as you desire. Be calm! At the appointed time, God shall visit you and restore your joy. And don’t worry about your status. He values everyone and does not discriminate. Did you not see how he went beyond the borders of Israel and went into the pagan territory of Tyre and Sidon in search of his own?

Be sure of this! He shall not go back until he has visited your household to bless you and it shall be well again. Amen.

Have a blessed and faith day ahead. Peace be with you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Fr For This Wounderful Reflection. God Bless U As U Continue To Bring Back The Lost Sheep Of Isreal.

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