⏰Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time 2 (08 June 2018)

📖2 Tim 3:10-17; Ps 119:157, 160, 161, 165, 166, 168 (R.v.165a); Mark 12:35-37

My dear friend in Christ, reading through 2 Tim 3:10-11, I kept asking myself if I can sincerely use my life as an example of what it means to follow Christ faithfully. I am deeply inspired by the boldness of St. Paul in using himself to preach the gospel. Indeed, his life became the gospel the people had to read.

I also want to be like St. Paul; I want to be an example of the gospel that I preach. So help me God, amen! What about you? We all are invited to bear the mark of Christ in our bodies for others to see and embrace. We can do that by keeping to the laws of God. In that is our peace guaranteed.

Yet, it would definitely not come without the cross. St. Paul also recounted all that he had to suffer for the sake of the gospel but he did not give up. Why? He was equipped with the word of God. And he assures us that with that, we too shall have gotten all that matters.

Jesus is that word of God personified. He is the Lord and Master of all. With him at your right side, you shall be a victor in all your affairs (see Mark 12:35-37).

So be calm and vigilant (1 Pet 5:7) that you may not give in to the temptation of giving up. Victory is ensured for those who persevere in Christ Jesus (cf. Rom 8:37).

May God grant us the grace of perseverance, which will keep us focused on God without being distracted by any kind of deception through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Have a faithful and joyous day. Peace be with you.

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