⏰Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

📖Wis 18:6-9; Ps 33:1 and 12, 18-19, 20 and 22 (R.v.1); Heb 11:1-2, 8-19; Luke 12:32-48


Last Sunday, we were instructed on the need to use the gifts which God has given to us to build up a rich treasure for ourselves in heaven. One of the most effective ways which the Church encourages us to do that is through charity. Apart from his obvious relegation of God to the ground, the rich fool (Matt 12:16-21) must have been condemned for his sin against charity. He was not vigilant to the needs of God and his neighbour.

Today’s liturgy therefore continues from where last Sunday’s liturgy left. The call to trust God and to serve him with the gifts he has given to us is not to be dependent upon any situation or time. We are not to hearken to that call just because we anticipate the end time. More so;
The practice of our faith should not be something we pick up on Sunday morning and drop on Sunday evening;
We must not wait for election time to render communitarian services;
We must not wait for harvest time to help the Church project or help the Mission;
We must not wait to be asked before we go out to assist others.

Christianity is a vocation that must mix up with our blood so that when our Master, Jesus appears, he would find us at our duty post of practical faith and love. That is the point which the Gospel makes. And when Jesus meets us with such vigilance, the result is more blessing.

Both the First Reading and the Second confirm the fact that God never fails those who place their hope in him. The First Reading is an excerpt from the testimony of God’s favour upon the Israelites and his defeat of their enemies before them. On the other hand, the author of the Letter to the Hebrews reminds us that our faith must go beyond what our senses can perceive. The example of Abraham and Sarah, who received God’s blessing because of their faith, is given to us to encourage us.

Have you always been faithful to God but it seems that your world is never going to be well for you? Have you been praying for a favour for long with no solution in sight? Do you always receive ill treatment after doing good for others?

Remember that God is involved. It is on him that we must focus and it is in him that we shall trust. Remain faithful to him at all times and in all things, and he will never fail you. Though it might seem that he delays in coming, remain focused and wait for him for he never fails (cf. Hab 2:3).

May God give us the grace to remain faithful to him at all times, and as we place all our trust in him, may his mercy and blessing be abundant in our lives. Amen.

Have a blessed Sunday spent in faithfulness to God. Peace be with you.

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