⏰Saturday of the Third Week of Easter (21 April 2018)

📕Acts 931-42; Ps 116:12-13, 14-15, 16-17 (R.v.12); John 6:60-69

Believing in Christ and following him is not an easy venture. It calls for selflessness and absolute trust in God. The Christian truths are not based on what one wants to hear. Hence, anyone who wants to follow Christ must deny himself, carry his cross and follow him (cf. Matt 16:24).

That demand for self emptying is not an easy one but one can accept it as St. Paul did for the surpassing value of knowing Christ (cf. Phil 3:8). Unless you are convinced about your faith in Christ, it will be hard for you to hold on.

When some of the disciples of Jesus left because they could not stand the truth, the Twelve remained, not necessarily because they fully understood and accepted what Jesus just told them, but because they were convinced that he has the message of eternal life. That is what St. Paul calls the surpassing value.

Now, being convinced and following Christ demands more than lip service. Our actions must reflect that faith for us to reap its full fruit. Dorcas obviously lived it out in her life and was rewarded with more life (cf. Acts 9:36-41).

By the way, do you still doubt it when you are told that love conquers all things? See it for yourself in the life of Dorcas. Her love for the less privileged conquered even death for her. And that gives us a clue on what happens in eternity to those who loved others while they lived on earth.

Do you really believe in Christ? Are you resolved to follow him not minding the challenges you face in life? Does your followership of him reflect in the kind of life you live?

May God grant you the grace to bear authentic witness to him in this life and gain eternal life in the end. Amen.

Have a grace-filled and restful weekend. Peace be with you.

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