⏰Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter (17 May 2017)

????Acts 15:7-21; Ps 96:1-2a, 2b-3, 10 (R.v.3); John 15:9-11

Whenever the followers of Jesus are faced with serious crisis, they always refer it to the disciples in Jerusalem. With the circumcision-associated crisis that rocked the early Church, they made recourse to the disciples which led to the convoking of the First Jerusalem Council (cf. Acts 15:1-21).

Beyond the matters of crisis, most important decisions and clarification of the matters of faith were also left at the feet of the apostles and elders of the early Christians (see Acts 2:37). These are the ones who were with Jesus and so could explain better what Jesus would have them do.

Have you seen the reason why the Church has great respect for the Magisterium (the teaching office of the Church), which has special affiliation with the apostolic college? Remember that Christ had given St Peter the keys (authority) to feed his sheep (cf. John 21:15-17). This feeding is, in most special way, the teaching of the faith.

At the end of that Jerusalem Council, it was decided that since Jesus has also given the gentiles the grace of following him, no further yoke should be given to them. They only need to keep the commandments of God (cf. John 15:10; Acts 15:20).

Why then would some of us still want to tie ourselves down with the yoke of idols, charms, occultism and evil fraternities in the name of seeking breakthrough? Jesus is all we need, nothing more or less.

May God help us his children to always know the truth and live in it and so be set free by it in the end to enjoy the heavenly bliss. Amen.

Have a beautiful and enlightening day ahead. Peace be with you.

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