Mhen! This is absurd! Must we drag the name of God because we feel challenged or because things are falling apart? It is understandable, and surely do, that Christians are currently facing terrible persecution in Nigeria at the moment. Sadly, this present government seems to be aiding the persecution silently. Yet, that should not make us to begin to insult God in the name of crying for justice.

I just finished listening to one voice message I got on WhatsApp by a woman who feels that that this government is working against the Christians. I feel so too. But…

Imagine! Who told you that you are the only one who worships the true God? When you claim that Buhari and the Muslims worship a fake God, and you are still criticising the fanatic Muslims who think you should die because you don’t profess the name of Allah, what makes you different from them?

Wait a minute! Do you mean if I obey the instructions of God in the scriptures, I will die? I am not sure I heard this woman correctly – that any pastor that would pray for Buhari and Co will die in their place! Are you kidding me? Did the Bible not ask us to pray for those in authority (1 Tim 2:1-2) because all authority comes from God (Rom 13:1)?

You see! I wouldn’t have bothered myself to go through this write up if this did not claim to be a Christian. I began to wonder if there are two kinds of Christianity because the image of God she is trying to paint is different from the one I know the Bible talks about. Imagine the gut! “I give you 7 days; Buhari…to go and bring to justice those people that have done this wickedness. If you don’t, if God is God, the God that I serve, if he is the same God who answered Elijah by fire… If it is the same that I call upon… I give you 7 days, if you don’t find them, if you don’t kill them the way they killed those people… God…visit them with death, let them die! Buhari, I give you 7 days to die!”

Hmmmm! Are you God? And she went ahead to say that it is God’s word that she spoke and that if she is representing God on earth, her words should be honoured. Ok! Today is April 8, 2017. So I expect Buhari to be dead by April 15, 2017. Otherwise, it will mean that you are fake. At least, that is what she said.

Well, it is the right of everyone in this country to call for justice against those who persecute the Christians – that is fair enough! But please, God’s name should not be dragged to the mud in that process. God is a toy nor a weapon of war. Let him fight for himself!

Yes, indeed, he is not a coward. If he is silent, he is not foolish. He knows what he is doing. It is enough to pray for God’s intervention but it is too much to play God.

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