My dear, I can’t tell what you are going through at the moment. It is possible that your condition at the moment or the condition of someone who is close to you is darker than the darkness of this night! Yet, there is a counter situation that gives us hope – the empty tomb!

Yes! The tomb is empty! Christ is risen! Death could not hold him captive! And because we share in his death, we are equally going to share his victory over death.

He knows beforehand that things are not going to be rosy for you; in fact, he anticipates a rough road for you (cf. John 16:1-4), but he assures you not to worry but to be courageous because he has conquered the world for you (cf. John 16:33).

So, do not remain buried in your worries because the tomb is empty. Since his mission is to set us, and since he declared in Friday, while hanging on the Cross that his mission is accomplished (John 19:30), it then means that the tomb that is empty tonight is:
????the tomb of your sickness;
????The tomb of your backwardness;
????The tomb of your sinfulness and demonic manipulations;
????The tomb of your fruitlessness.

Are you in any kind of tomb at the moment? Be calm! Jesus is on his to open your tomb to set you free. If you hear his voice and follow him, he will set you free.

Victorious Jesus Christ, may I share in your victory. Please let the tomb that brings darkness into my life be opened so that I may be free again. Amen

Happy Easter dear. Peace be with youl

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  1. Ify national says:

    Amen. And also with u.

  2. adebanji opeyemi says:


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