⏰Monday of the Third Week of Easter (1 May 2017 – Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker)

????Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30 (R.v.1b); John 6:22-29????

Today is a day of many beginnings and celebrations. It is the first day of the week and the month and in the Church, this is one of the two months of special devotion to our Mother Mary, our grorial of St. Joseph the Worker and the Workers Day.

Over the time, our workers are not well treated all over the world. Considered from the Nigerian perspective, one could view the situation as one of near hopelessness. In the midst of all this, is our faith built upon Christ the cornerstone or based on our selfish interests?

Many workers consider their situation as very bad and so try, through all kinds of foul means for survival. This has led many into compromising their values and depending basically on their individual efforts for survival. Many others run from one Church to another in search of miracles.

In the Gospel, Jesus accused the people of seeking him not because they believe in him but because they had enough bread to eat. It was that same kind of selfish approach that initiated the jealousy and plot against Stephen in Acts 6:8-15.

In our time, selfish interests which control most of our political drive have come to also control our religious drive. That is why many people run from one Church to another in search of miracles, thereby turning God into an object which must produce what they want or be dumped. I hope you are not among this group.

St Joseph knew the importance of Gods will in his life and true dependence on in his life and true dependence on divine providence. He lived his life in the midst of great challenges of life but his faith never wavered. He trusted so much such that the Scripture calls him a just man (Matt 1:19).

No matter your condition, be calm because the Lord is with you as your protection and guide. Just be firm to keeping the commands of God as the psalmist encouraged us this morning, and the joy of the Lord may give you the strength to conquer. Amen.

As we begin this month with God, we pray that the Holy Spirit may enable us to be present to Jesus through faith, to rely on him and to obey him in all things. Amen.

Happy new month and workers’ day. I wish you a victorious new working week. Peace be with you.

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