⏰Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter (02 May 2017 – Memorial of St. Athanasius)

????Acts 7:51 – 8:1a; Ps 31:3bc-4, 6 and 7b-8a, 17 and 21ab (R.v.6a); John 6:30-35

Can you be brave enough to also make that last option for God? Remember always that heaven is our goal. All our struggles and way of life must be directed toward helping us to achieve that goal. Otherwise, we shall be running off the track.

When Stephen was about to die, he cried out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit” (Acts 7:59). That kind of declaration can only be made by one who is not attached to the material goods of this world but rather has his/her heart focused on God.

Can you also make such a declaration as Stephen? You can begin now to practise it through the manner of life you live. It would be hard to deny the devil at the last hour if you spend your entire life working for him.

Moreover, such a declaration can only be made from a personal conviction about the person of Jesus. That is why Jesus advised the Jews to cease their chase after signs and wonders and believe in him, who is the source of life and all that it offers (cf. John 6:30-35).

St. Athanasius was filled with such conviction about the person of Jesus and worked hard to defend the doctrine on the divinity of Christ against the corruption being imposed on it by the heresy of Arius. Not even persecution could deter him from that.

May God continue to give you grace to remain convinced and faithful to him. May he surround you with his angels, to guide you at your last hour in this world so that you can really make the last option for Christ. Amen.

Have a grace-filled day my dear. Peace be with you.

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    Amen and with your spirit

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