FB_IMG_1456025458161⏰Wednesday of the Thirty-Fourth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (28 Nov 2018)

📕Rev 15:1-4; Ps 98:1, 2-3ab, 7-8, 9 (R. Rev 15:3b); Luke 21:12-19

In Rev. 15:1, John saw a vision of seven angels with seven plagues to bring Gods wrath to its climax. In the passage that we made reference to yesterday, that is Rev 14:14-19, there were different angels with sickle in their hands preparing for harvest, thus indicating an impending time of judgement.

That paints a fearful picture. Moreover, in Luke 21:12-16 indicates that his disciples shall be hated and persecuted for the sake of his name. That is the situation of things for many people in the world today.

😢Many suffer unemployment because they refused to let down their standards and engage in immoral acts.
😢Many are still unmarried because they have refused to give in to premarital sex.
😢Many are poor because they have refused to soil their hands with cheating.
😢Many suffer alienation from their families and friends because they chose to stand for the truth.

One of these might even be your own situation too at the moment. Whatever your condition might be, listen to what Jesus is telling you today, “Not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance, you will gain your [life]” (Luke 21:18-19).

Trust Jesus when he makes that promise to you. John already saw those who emerged victorious (Rev 15:2) and these were singing the songs of Moses and of the Lamb. Do you remember the song of Moses? He sang it with the people of Israel after crossing the Red Sea.

I pray that God may also grant you the grace to cross your Red Sea of challenges and trials victoriously so that you may also join that victorious band that can alone sing the song of the Lamb (cf. Rev 14:3). Amen.

Have a happy and victorious day ahead. Peace be  with you.

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