As I was about posting my reflection on the madness surrounding the ongoing ‘unreal reality show’ called Big Brother Naija, I got another reflection from a colleague whose views I respect so much and from whom I learn a lot in the area of communication. Great was his power of persuasion that he almost got me repent from my resentment of the show. I have tried so hard to swallow it but I have to pick courage to stand aside because, for once, I could see a misplacement of the question. A lot of us have written a lot about Nigeria being a failed state and similar things, and we hope that our voice would be heard and things work out for the better. HOWEVER! YES, BIG BROTHER NAIJA IS OUR PROBLEM!

O my God! We shouldn’t misplace the point. Let someone tell me one good thing about the reality show and what it contributes to the development of our youths? I don’t know how many of this that one can point out. Keep your emotions by the side and let us reason together! I have not been watching the show but the pictures of it that I see everyday on facebook already tell me all I need to know. It is a legalised promotion of immorality and I can defend it. What is the kissing episodes all about? What of the romance scenes? Don’t tell me those are Photoshop creations! The fact that I don’t view the show does not mean that I have not seen it. I have walked into a house where the viewing was going on and I have seen the scenes live. Are those what we want our youth to learn? That adds to the points I raised yesterday about making our youths redundant.

Let us be realistic! Some people have been arguing that we should ignore the show and create better alternative for the youth. Another person also argued yesterday that the promoters of the show are doing their legitimate business and should be left alone. That’s OK! They should be left alone. We need a better altrnative for the youth, abi? That’s also OK but…

Shouldn’t we also ignore armed robbery and prostitution and create an alternatives instead? Why do we make noise about abortion and kidnapping? We can allow these immoral acts to continue without blinking an eye while we devote better time creating alternatives – unless, of course, we want to assume that some immoral are more legal than others.

In case we don’t know this, just as Big Brother Naija is legal, so is prostitution in Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, part of New Zealand, etc. Likewise, abortion is legalised in Canada, China, North Korea and US.

Oh! Just before some people think that I am all trying to persuade them to join my line of thought, no I’m not! Anyone who wants can go ahead. But we must not forget: one thing normally leads to another. This immoral display can lead to prostitution, even if it is not at an industrial level. Prostitution can lead to abortion, etc.

Nobody knows the would be victim; it may be from my family or from yours. Alternatively, I can at least stop it from my family, and you from yours. IT IS A MATTER OF CHOICE.

Rev. Fr. JohnBosco Chimaobi Ezeonwumelu

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