⏰Friday of the Thirty-First Week of Ordinary Time 1 (08 Nov 2019)

📖Rom 15:14-21; Ps 98:1, 2-3ab, 3cd-4 (R.v.2b); Luke 16:1-8


Yes! I mean that very thing you have as a gift from God – your wealth, wisdom, strength, speech, time, even your phone… Yes, I mean your phone. Great opportunities abound for us to work out our salvation from, but how many of us take notice.

Let me talk about your phone, for instance. I believe that is what you are using to read this message; you use it to operate your WhatsApp and Facebook apps. At times, you are harassed with all kinds of immoral messages and pictures online – the different ways the devil advance his kingdom. Have you ever, as a child of the light, posted something good for people to read and change their evil ways?

It is said that evil thrive when good men refuse to act. If you can always forward this message after reading it, instead of forwarding all those kinds of meaningless messages with lots of promises and multiple threats, that can help. Can you also learn to post two holy or inspirational pictures or videos in exchange for an immoral one you see online? (see Luke 16:1-8).

Modern technology offers us great opportunities to make heaven. Not just technology; our status and position are all that God has given to us for this purpose. Let us use these opportunities for the greater glory of God, and for our salvation.

May God help us at all times to be wise in using our gifts to work for a place of honour for ourselves in heaven. Amen.

Have a great day, spent in wisdom and fear of God. Peace be with you.

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