⏰Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time Year 2 (31 January 2018 – Memorial of St. JohnBosco)

????2 Sam 24:2, 9-17; Ps 32:1-2, 5, 6-7 (R.v.5a); Mark 6:1-6

It is once again my feast day, the memorial of St JohnBosco. I request your prayers in a special way especially for an increase in faith. I need to possess that kind of faith that moves mountain which will enable me to believe God and obey him in all things without doubt (cf. Matt 17:20).

Now, one might begin to wonder what was the big deal with the census which David conducted that made God unleash punishment upon him and the people? After all, has the Lord himself not ordered the census of the people in the past (cf. Num 1:2, 26:2)?

In those two examples where God ordered Moses to take a census, he was trying to form a new people who shall be under him. Once that is done, he takes absolute care of them even without requiring them to contribute much more than their faith.

In Judges 7, he asked Gideon to trim down the size of his army so that the people might not reason that their victory comes from their efforts. But David took this census, probably to know his economic and military strength. He forgot that it was not him but God who is in charge.

So the problem is about who is in charge and lack of trust. We too do the same thing when we give out bribe to scale through and get involved in all kinds of immoralities under the guise of “onye chi na-azo na-azo onwe ya” (God helps those who help themselves).

God wants us to trust him wholeheartedly. He wants us to know that the number of the enemies of progress we have can never stop the miracles he is sending our way. Are we going to allow faithlessness and over familiarity (cf. Mark 6:1-6) to rob us of those miracles? God forbid!

St. JohnBosco was confronted with lots of challenges and oppositions in his life and ministry. There were occasions that even the Church officials joined forces with the State to fight his ministry among the youths. At other times, the youth themselves constituted his headache but he kept on without losing faith in God.

Are you keen about leaving all your problems for God? Let us pray this together and always,
“Jesus, I love you;
All I have is yours;
Yours I am;
Yours I want to be;
Do with me whatever you will,” Amen.

Have a faithful and miraculous day ahead. Peace be with you.

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    Thank you father l need ur prayer. I am no well. Pls pray for me amem

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