⏰Saturday of the Fourteenth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (14 July 2018)

📖Isa 11:1-8; Ps 93:1abc, 1d-2, 5 (R.v.1a); Matt 10:24-33

In the second account of the call of Isaiah, the prophet saw a vision of the glory of God but considered himself unfit to behold that glory, being a man of unclean lips. But God purified his lips and made him fit to behold that glory. Thenceforth, Isaiah set out on mission to bring others in to also behold that glory.

This glory of God guarantees happiness and joy just as the psalmist said, “You will show me the path of life, fullness of joy in your presence, at your right hand happiness forever” (Psalm 16:11). All we do in this life is geared towards contentment and there is no true contentment outside of God.

Have you tasted this joy of being in the presence of God? Are you willing like Isaiah (cf. Isa 6:8) to go forth and harvest souls for Christ in his vineyard?

Working in the vineyard of the Lord is not an easy venture. Anyone who wishes to be part of that mission must be ready for the ordeal. Jesus warned his disciples ahead of time that they would be persecuted just as he was persecuted (cf. Matt 10:24-25).

However, there is always joy that goes with this mission. This is contained in Jesus’ promise, “I am with you always until the end of this world” (Matt 28:20). Not only that, anyone who perseveres in his presence until this end shall receive the crown of glory (cf. Matt 10:32; 2Tim 4:8).

Pray for all the deacons who would be ordained Catholic Priests at various places today, that God may make them valiant ministers of the Gospel. Pray also that the spirit of the mission may be rekindled in every minister so that we may make the glory of God remain radiant in all the earth. Amen.

Have a glorious weekend my dear. Peace be with you.

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