⏰Saturday of the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (27 July 2019)

📖Exod 24:3-8; Ps 50:1-2, 5-6, 14-15 (R.v.14a); Matt 13:24-30


My dear, how has your spiritual journey been since we began reading from the book of Exodus? Do you try to evaluate yourself through the Israelites’ encounters with God? Have you seen the need to join them in this covenant renewal today?

So far, we have seen a faithful God patiently managing an unfaithful people. During the week, we saw how they were complaining about everything around them. In fact, reading those encounters, some of us even began to burn with righteous anger on behalf of God. Yet, God remained calm and patient with the people.

The gospel gives us an insight on why God is that patient with the people. It is primarily so that good people will not suffer with the wicked (Matt. 13:29). That knowledge ought to remind us that we should not take God for granted. Even though he is merciful, he is also a God of justice (see Matt 13:30).

So we must keep watch to see that we do follow the path of the wicked. If we do not keep watch always but go to sleep like the servants in Matt 13:25, we may give the enemy the opportunity to come in and plant the weed of spiritual downfall in our lives and deny us of the blessings of God.

For the many times we have let down our guards and let the enemy to plant weeds of sin and destruction in our lives, it is time to join the Israelites at the renewal of our covenant with God. We are even more privileged than them. While they depended on the blood of animals, we are privileged to have the blood of Christ. Upon shedding that blood on the cross, Jesus declared, “It is finished” (John 19:30). What then are you waiting for to soak yourself in that blood?

May God forbid that we shall dwell in sin and cut ourselves away from his blessings for us. Amen.

Have a blessed and joyful weekend. Amen. Peace be with you.

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