⏰Friday of the Nineteenth Week of Ordinary Time (16 August 2019)

📖Josh 24:1-13; Ps 136:1-3, 16-18, 21-22 and 24 (R.v.1b); Matt 19:3-12

God is faithful at all times. Even at that time when you think that he has probably forgotten you, he is right there working for your good.

Recall what the scriptures said in Deut 7:6-8. God is the one who took the initiative and chose the people of Israel from among the nations. Their relevance among the nations was also as a result of that choice. Then he established a covenant with them – an everlasting covenant.

The benefit of that covenant is that as long as they remain the people of God, God will remain their God and provide a good pasture for them (cf. Ezek 36:28).

Unfortunately, the people turned away from depending on God as their God. They wanted to have things go their own chosen way – Pro-choice! That is what the prophet tries to correct in Ezek 16:1-63 as a way of restoring the people to the prime place they once enjoyed.

Marriage, too, is a covenant. It is a kind of covenant that takes us back to the beginning of things – creation – after which God saw that all that he created was very good (cf. Gen 1:31).

Divorce was not part of that original goodness. It is rather an evil that is initiated by the devil to drag us into a trap that would pull us down. Listen to what the evangelist used to introduce the theme in the Gospel, “Pharisees came up to Jesus and TESTED him by asking…” (Matt 19:2). Divorce is a temptation; do not fall for it.

I know that a lot of people go through a lot of problems in their marriages. Some of these problems are indeed heartbreaking. But we must not forget the principles on which the covenant was established – FOR BETTER FOR WORSE. God is always with the people in good and in bad times. Married couples must do as God does since their covenant is like God’s.

If we can learn how to take all marital problems back to God, I am sure he will be more than willing to help out. We pray that he may be with all going through great problems in their marriage, to strengthen them and restore them. Amen.

Have a delightful day ahead. Peace be with you.

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