⏰Saturday of the Nineteenth Week of Ordinary Time (17 August 2019)

📖Josh 24:14-29; Ps 16:1-2a and 5, 7-8, 11 (R.v.5a); Matt 19:13-15

My dear, yesterday, we talked about the faithfulness of God which is everlasting and the need for us to reciprocate that faithfulness by becoming faithful to him too in our life decisions and in the manner of lives we live. Today, he tells us that for those who remain faithful to him, no force or opposition can keep them away from him.

Remember that he compared the faithful to little children and declared that the ticket to making heaven is by becoming like little children (cf. Matt 18:2-5). Children are known for their innocence and simplicity. They are equally known for their faithfulness.

Knowing that demand of our discipleship of Christ, Joshua calls on us to choose the way of faithfulness to God, shunning all other things that add up as gods to us.

Is there anything that has taken the position of God in your life? Is it power, wealth, sin, possessions?

Whatever it is, this is a time to make a decision and stand by it; no more sitting on the fence. Joshua told the people that if they are declaring their allegiance to God, they must be ready to follow him wholeheartedly. Otherwise, they might be walking into doom. That is not a mere threat! The Spirit gave this judgement about the Church in Laodicea, “Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth” (Rev 3:16).

What of you? Where do you stand?

May God give you the grace to stand faithfully with him always so that you may reap the full benefits of being in his presence. Amen.

Have a faithful and delightful weekend. Peace be with you.

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