⏰Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent (04 March 2017)

????Num 21:4-9; Ps 102:1-2, 15-17, 18-20 (R.v.1); John 8:21-30

The impatience of the people of Israel towards God and Moses (Num 21:4-5) was an expression of distrust, and through that, the Israelites separated themselves from God who has been protecting them from dangers.

So we must understand that expression of God sending fiery serpents upon them to mean that God turned his face away from them when he could not condole their sins such that things that were not able to harm them before began to harm them. That is equally our story.

Sometimes, we are too impatient with God and that leads us into committing sins that separate us from God and make us vulnerable to the manipulations of the evil one.

But the joyous thing is that God never abandons us completely. Just as he made the bronze molded fiery serpent as avenue of resuscitation for the dying Israelites (Num 21:8), so through Christ, those separated from God through sin are united back to God (see John 12:32) and gain eternal life (John 3:14).

However, this all important healing requires strong faith. Remember that distrust was the sin; healing would necessarily begin with trust. Anyone who is bitten by the serpent needs to look up to the molded serpent to be healed. Anyone who equally needs to be healed by Christ must believe and look up to his cross (John 3:15).

Are you ready to embrace the cross with faith? It is always promising to do so. Do not allow dangerous worldly philosophies to deny you access to the life-giving cross and all shall be well with you.

Kindly remember in your prayers, my Local Ordinary, Most Rev. Dr. Michael Odogwu Elue, who celebrates his birthday today. May the good news of salvation continue to be ministered to and through him.

I wish you a fruitful time at the foot of the Cross. Peace be with you.

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