⏰Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time Year 2 (28 January 2022 – Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas)

📖2 Sam 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17; Ps 51:3-4, 5-6ab, 6cd-7, 10-11 (R.v.3a); Mark 4:26-34


You see! Not only does the society abhor laziness or idleness, it is dangerous to our spiritual life. Can you not see what it did to David?

The right thing was that David would lead the people to war as the king. Instead he stayed back at home whirling away in idleness. It was in that situation that the devil struck and he was overtaken by the temptation to have Bethsheba, Uriah’s wife.

You may be undergoing some difficulties in your life now just like the Israelites that were at war. Are you doing anything to help yourself or are you just waiting on God in idleness?

The scripture describes it as an apt teacher of mischief (Sir 33:28) while the Rule of St. Benedict (48) says that is an enemy to the soul. St. Thomas Aquinas, whose memorial we celebrate today would consider it in many parts of his work as being in opposition to virtues.

Grace builds on nature! While it is true that it is the Lord who allows what is sown in the farm to grow, he expects the farmer to do the planting first, and of course, water the farm and do some other farm works. If the farmer decides not to attend to the farm, bush would overtake the farm area.

In the same way, if we fail to plant seeds of good works in our lives, we would be giving the devil the opportunity to plant evil weeds in us. These weeds can grow to become grasses, and then, make up a forest just like David’s sin that grew from idleness to adultery and to murder.

Get up now and think of something to do if you are still idle. Stop waiting for a manna from above because you are not in the wilderness. God has surrounded you with lots of opportunities. Embrace them and it shall be well with you.

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