Get Ready For Jesus’ Arrival For The Party; His Victory Is Our Victory



Great silence has befallen the earth. Hope you can feel it in your area. Do you understand what it means? There seems to be a setback in the mission of Jesus. He has just been buried few hours ago.

The devil is now very happy thinking that he is victorious. Little does he know that Jesus can never be conquered. Even in death, he went down to minister to the souls that has been waiting for redemption from him (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, CCC 633-635; 1Pet 4:6). So the devil is joyous, not knowing that even his very kingdom is undergoing interior destruction.

His mission is to take us back to the beginning when God made all things and saw them very good (cf. Gen 1:31). As it was with the Israelites, any threat to the accomplishment of that mission must be destroyed (see Exod 14:15 – 15:1). That is exactly what is going on in the kingdom of the devil today.

My dear, are you ready to celebrate with Jesus tonight? Hope you heard him when he told us yesterday, “It is finished.” He has just gone to give that message of victory also to the dead. He would have been through by this night and ready for the party.

Wait a minute! I heard him inviting you in your very condition to that party (Matt 11:28; Isa 55:1). Are you ready to go? Have you washed and ironed your cloth more than you would when expecting an important guest? Remember that the dressing code to that party is a pure and contrite heart (Ps 51:17). If you are ready, let us begin to climb the mountain now as being late could be disastrous (cf. Matt 25:1-13).

Find time to meditate on Isaiah 55:1-13. And may you reap, in abundance, the fruits of Jesus’ victory over sin and death today. Amen.

I wish you a memorable time with the Lord. It is well with you.

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