“GO, AND THE LORD BE WITH YOU!” (1 Sam 17:37)

⏰Wednesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time II (17 Jan 2018 – Memorial of St. Anthony of Egypt)

????1 Sam 17:32-33, 37, 40-51; Ps 144:1, 2, 9-10 (R.v.1a); Mark 3:1-6

My dear, yesterday, we were well reassured that with the presence of God around us, there will be no obstacle to our victory. When God speaks, every opposition remains silent (see Mark 3:4). Our destinies are safe in his hands and so, nobody can tamper with it. Of course, that is only if we don’t tamper with it ourselves.

The Church teaches that faith alone cannot save us, neither could work alone save us. There must be complementarity between faith and work. That is the message David passes on to us today. He is aware that God is with him and would grant him victory (cf. 1 Sam 17:34), but he did not sit down waiting for God to send down his angels from heaven to come and do the battle. He stepped out to confront Goliath and God granted him victory.

It is true that cut off from him, we can do nothing (John 15:5), yet the psalmist said it and rightly so that it is by the labour of our hands that we shall eat and be blessed (Ps 128:2).

The life of St. Anthony of Egypt confirms that teaching to us. He is known as the father of monasticism. After the death of his parents, he left the affairs of this life where he spent his life in prayer, penance and work. Monks are not those who their whole time kneeling in prayer. Rather, they spend their lives praying. They work for the food they eat, but while they work, they pray.

So, are you hungry? Get up and work, and the Lord will bless the works of your hands. If you are sick, go to hospital while praying for healing. The Lord will use the doctors to your favour. Only make sure your action is not against God’s commands and it shall be well you again.

As you embrace this new day in faith, may God put his mark of ownership over you and make everything to work in your favour. Amen.

Have a faithful and victorious day ahead. Peace be with you.

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