⏰Saturday of the Twenty-Seventh Week of Ordinary Time 2 (13 October 2018)

📕Gal 3:22-29; Ps 105:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 (R.v.8a); Luke 11:27-28

Yesterday, we tried to evaluate the position of the law in the life of a Christian, the righteous. We concluded that what St Paul condemned was the wrong application of the law which makes us slaves of the law instead of free children of God (see Mark 2:23-28).

Using an idea of an ancient Roman practice where slaves are employed to the households of nobles to train their children, St Paul explains the place of faith and the law in our Christian journey (see Gal 3:22-29). Until these children come of age, they remain under the tutelage of the slaves but once they come of age, they become the lords of the slaves.

Before Christ, the law was guiding the people of God. But after Christ has come to show us the Father, faith in his revelation becomes the criterion for having a part in Christ. Hence, faith is now the master of the law.

That is a good news for us! According to the law, only the Jews are the relatives of Jesus but with the new standard of faith being above the law, we come to have even a more exalted and privileged position in Christ.

Mary was the first person to enjoy that privilege. Jesus himself bore witness to that when a woman in the crowd made reference to her based on the biological limitations. But Jesus raised the stake that Mary has with him higher with that statement, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” (Luke 11:27-28).

Consider that very well and see for yourself! Is it not because Mary heard the word of God and kept it that made Jesus to grow in her womb? (see Luke 1:26-38)?

In the same way, if we keep the word of God, Jesus will grow in us, and the Father with him (cf. John 14:23). Then, we shall no longer be under the bondage of the law (1Tim 1:9).

May your daily effort to be one with Christ always yield abundant fruit in your life and that of those around you. Amen.

Have a victorious and restful weekend. Peace be with you.

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    Amen oh lord help me always do the will of God

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