⏰Friday of the Twenty-Fifth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (28 Sept. 2018)

📖Eccl 3:1-11; Ps 144:1a and 2abc, 3-4 (R.v.1a); Luke 9:18-22

The preacher says to us today, “There is time for every matter under heaven (Eccl 3:1). And God is the controller of that time, when it is your time, he is going to open your own doors. When God opens such doors, no man can shut it (Rev 3:7). His time is the best.

Most of the things that go wrong in different strata of our society today have their contributions from those negatives that are associated with being in a hurry – over-ambition, impatience, etc. These ills make us to think that the solutions to our problems are in our hands.

No matter how long you have suffered in that condition that is weighing you down now, never lose hope on God because he is still in charge of the affairs in the world. And it shall surely come to pass in the latter days that the sovereignty of the Lord shall be upheld by all (Isa 2:2).

As long as God has said it, it shall not fail to be accomplished (Isa 45:23) but you need to be patient with God (Hab 2:3). He is in charge! And in Jesus’ name, every knee shall bow (Phil 2:10).

He told his disciples that he was going to suffer in the hands of the leaders of Israel and be killed. And that he will be glorified in the end through resurrection (cf. Luke 9:22), and it came to fulfilment. But first, he must suffer.

Now he also tells you not to worry about the turbulence that charge against you because he has already conquered the world (John 16:33). Believe him! The obstacles you experience now shall be a thing of the past (see Exod 14:13).

I pray for you today, that God may arise and cause the foes that oppress you to scatter (Ps 68:1) so that you may experience breakthrough, liberation and transformation through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Peace be with you!

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