bcf5330b2b7dae0c0415bd737c9ab848⏰Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent (10 December 2019)

📖Isa 40:1-11; Ps 96:1-2, 3 and 10ac, 11-12a, 12b-13 (R. Isa 40:9-10); Matt 18:12-14

🎤YOUR WARFARE IS ENDED! (cf. Isa 40:2)

If you have been following us through this medium for a while now, you must have heard us say that the book of the prophet Isaiah is divided into three – First Isaiah (Isa 1 – 39), Second Isaiah (Isa 40 – 55) and Third Isaiah (Isa 56 – 66). It is believed that there are different prophets for the three different divisions.

Our first reading of today is taken from the beginning of the second division, which is believed to have been written while the people were in exile in Babylon. This prophet came to give them a message of hope from God, hence the beginning, “Comfort, comfort my people” (Isa 40:1).

Do you remember the exodus experience of the people of Israel from the land of Egypt? By the way, their later stay in Egypt meant misfortunes, pain, backwardness, oppression and even separation from God to them. That was also the experience that their exile in Babylon brought to them. So just as Moses was sent to prepare them for exodus from Egypt, the prophet of the Second Isaiah was sent to prepare the people for exodus from Babylon. That is why he called at them to prepare the way for the Lord (cf. Isa 40:3).

Remember that it was sin that caused their exile into Babylon in the first place. That is how we are connected with their experience. Our sins drive us to exile from God into a state where we face different kinds of oppressions and misfortunes from the evil one.

However, that message of hope is equally extended to us. Like the shepherd that goes after the lamb the strayed (cf. Matt 18:12-14), so God is coming after us in this Christmas.

With this coming of Christ,
👉Your period of warfare is over and your sins is taken away (Isa 40:2), amen.
👉Every valley of deficiency in your life shall be covered and all mountains of misfortunes shall be levelled and every rough way created by the enemy in your life shall be repaired (Isa 40:4), amen.
👉And the glory of the Lord shall again be revealed in your life (Isa 40:5), amen.

So be calm. It will surely be well with you again. Have a miraculous day ahead.

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