My dear, remember what we said on Sunday about the character of Advent season; it is a period of hope resuscitation. Today, the prophecy of Isaiah in Isa 11:1-10 reminds us of the promise of God to establish a kingdom of justice and peace for his people.?➕?

To be just to the text, it was a reaction against the moral bankruptcy of the leaders in Israel, hence God’s promise of an ideal leader who would uphold justice and righteousness.?

But there is something very spectacular about how the prophet achieves that purpose in this passage and we shall exploit that for our purpose. Listen to him: “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots” (Isa 11:1).?

A stump is the last part of the tree that is left on the ground when the main tree has been cut down. Normally, it is expected that that last part should die off but in the case of the above passage, a shoot rather grows from it.?

Can you see? From your seemingly hopeless situation, God is going to lift you up and make you stand out as a sign of his glory to the nations (cf. Isa 11:10), amen.??

Did you also notice that a branch grows from the root instead of the stem? God shall use situations and things that are uncommon to lift you up to glory. Amen.??

Only try and dispose yourself for that by upholding justice in your little way and living in peace with others.?

May your song be that of victory in this new month and especially at the coming of the Son of man in glory. Amen.??

Happy new month. It is well with you.??

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