⏰Wednesday of the Twenty-Ninth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (25 October 2017)

????Rom 6:12-18; Ps 124:1-3, 4-6, 7-8 (R.v.8a); Luke 12:39-48

Yesterday, we pointed out about two challenges which Christ’s coming into the world gives to us – to stay away from sin and to assist others to come to have a share in that salvation. These challenges are not optional to us as Christians. They are the only ways we can reciprocate the great love of God for us.

Again, we pointed out that the time to begin is now as tomorrow might be too late. Are you in the camp of those who always think they can ‘enjoy’ sin today and repent tomorrow? A stitch in time saves nine; be warned!

By the way, have you heard the Catholics talk about mortal and venial sins? We say that mortal sin is a serious offence against God which kills the soul and deserves hell while venial sin is ALSO an offence against God which DOES NOT kill the soul, but can lead to mortal sin. Venial sins are more easily pardoned than mortal sins.

“These Catholics don come again!” abi? Read Luke 12:45-48 and see for yourself whether that is Catholic invention.

And while doing that, also reflect on this: Assuming both the servant, who deserves to be punished with severe beatings, and the one who, deserves to be beaten lightly, dies at the same time, will our God of justice subject both of them to hell? If he does that, where would be the justification of paying each man according to his deed (Matt 16:27)? Now, does the doctrine of purgatory still sound unbiblical to you?

May God continue to give us the grace to stay away from all sins, whether mortal or venial, so that we may enjoy the opportunity that grace offers us (Rom 6:12-18) and so journey smoothly into eternal life. Amen.

Have a blessed day ahead. Peace be with you.

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    Amen.and with your spirit fr.

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