⏰Solemnity of Our Lady, Queen of Nigeria (01 October 2017)

????Isa 11:1-10; Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17 (R.v.7); Eph 2:13-22; Matt 2:13-15, 19-23

Happy Independence Day Nigeria! Again, many people might want to ask me, “What are we celebrating?” In the face of the recent happenings in the country, with the great tension and threats in the air, what is there to celebrate? And I will answer, “Hope!”

A lot of people have lost hope in the country really and there are calls for secession here and there. A lot of lives have been lost and there are threats for more. No thanks to the kind of leadership that we have now which has left us more divided than ever.

We were told that we are out of recession, yet things are still very hard such that even the baby in the womb struggles for survival. There seems to be no hope in view. But I thought to myself, “Why should I wallow in hopelessness when the prophet Isaiah has given me so much cause to be hopeful?” (see Isa 11:1-10).

A stump is that part of the plant that remains on the ground when the tree is already cut down. It is normally expected to die off since the leaves, it’s source of feeding, are gone. But Isaiah said that a sign of life would begin to spring forth from it.

On the outlook, it might just seem to be referring to the restoration of the Davidic dynasty after the fall of monarchy. But in reality, the prophet was referring to the restoration of the moral uprightness that was associated with the Davidic kingship in the early stages. Such a leader shall possess at least six important gifts:
Knowledge of the Lord
Fear of the Lord (Isa 11:2).

With those gifts of the Spirit, he shall rule the people in righteousness, creating an atmosphere of unimaginable tranquility, a kind of scenario where:

????Boko Haram and Herdsmen terror would be fought with sincerity;
????Religious freedom would be sincerely upheld;
????Political thuggery and incessant killings become a thing of the past;
????Benefits and positions are distributed based on merit to all rather than based on tribe.

I see hope! We are not there but let’s pray that Christ may take over as our Leader and control our leaders, for in him is our peace (Eph 2:14). Installing Christ as our Leader means that he would change our story line as he did to Nazareth (Matt 2:23).

We therefore pray for our leaders today, that they may begin to have the fear of God and dispose themselves to be used by him. May we also learn to shun corruption and embrace peace for progress and development. Amen.

Happy Independence once more! May God make us truly independent. Peace be with you.

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