⏰Monday of the Twenty-Ninth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (22 October 2018 – Memorial of St. Pope John Paul II)

📖Eph 2:1-10; Ps 100:1-2, 3, 4, 5 (R.v.3b); Luke 12:13-21

May the grace and peace of Christ be with you. Amen.

At the beginning of this new working week, St Paul reminds us that by the grace of God, we have been given a place to live with Jesus at the time we were dead in sin (cf. Eph 2:1-10). Now, the place is already prepared for us but we need to follow Jesus to get to the place because he is the way (John 14:6).

If you are able to follow Jesus, you will be where he is (John 14:3) and whatever you ask the Father in his name will be granted (John 14:14).

That means, by following Jesus, you can ask the Father for breakthroughs, showers of blessing, protection from enemies, etc. Indeed, all your needs can be met when you follow Jesus because he came that you may have life in abundance (John 10:10).

With the above understanding, one might begin to wonder why the simple need of the young man in Luke 12:13-14 was not attended to, after all he was following Jesus. But the statements which Jesus went further to make about the rich fool (Luke 12:15-21) gives us the answer. The young man was obviously following Jesus with a divided mind and a wrong orientation.

St. Pope John Paul II whose memorial we celebrate today focused on Christ in everything. Even in his great suffering towards the end of his earthly life, he kept all his hope on God and depended solely on the will of God. At moments when our faith is tested in the fire of poverty, sickness, oppression, etc., how do we respond? By professing solid faith in Christ or by going to find solutions in wrong places?

Why do you follow Jesus? Are you following him because you believe in him or because you want solutions to your problems (see John 6:26-29). All you need is to believe in Jesus (John 6:29) in spirit and in truth (John 4:25), and every other thing would be added for you (Matt 6:33).

No matter you are going through in life, therefore, remember that your life belongs to God. And this God who loves you so much would not allow you to perish (Ps 16:10). You are a child of destiny!

May that same God so guide your steps this new working week and beyond, leading you to greener pastures and making you positive reference for testimonies. Amen.

Have a stress-free week. Peace be with you.

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