⏰Wednesday of the Thirty-Second Week of Ordinary Time 2 (14 Nov. 2018)

đź“–Titus 3:1-7; Ps 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6 (R.v.1); Luke 17:11-19

My dear, have you become so familiar with the daily routine of events that you fail to see the hands of God in it? Or do you consider the good things that come to you in life as God’s fulfilment of his own responsibility after you have served him? In other words, do you see it as your right to receive God’s blessings?

That must have been the error of the remaining 9 lepers who did not come back to Jesus to thank him for the healing they received (Luke 17:11-19). They probably thought, “He is our kinsman; if he doesn’t do it for us, who would do it?” So they saw it as their as their right to be healed.

St Paul reminds us in his letter to Titus that we are saved, “not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy” (Tit 3:5).

So, is there anyway you behave like the 9 lepers who didn’t come back to appreciate God? Have you thanked him for making you see the light of this day? Begin from there!

I pray that your mouth shall be full of praises to God, today and beyond, for the blessings he is going to bathe you with, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Peace be with you.

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