⏰Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter (30 May 2017)

????Acts 20:17-27; Ps 68:10-11, 20-21 (R.v.33a); John 17:1-11a

As St Paul rounds up his third missionary journey, he gave an account of his stewardship to the people and was ready to move ahead (cf. Acts 20:17-27).

He was not sure of what the future holds in stock for him but he entrusted himself to the care of the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 20:22). He was not afraid of the future even when it looked unpromising to him. That is the mark of someone who is fulfilled with his relationship with God.

Try to be at peace with God and you would not be afraid of what the future holds in stock for you. If you can sincerely allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, you would walk only on the part that leads to abundance of life.

Surrender yourself to Jesus because he knows your problems and attends to them even before you ask him (cf. John 6:18ff). Moreover, he would never give you what would be bad for you (see Matt 7:11, Jam 1:17).

Jesus already prayed for us to be preserved and protected in faith. If you come under his mantle, he would glorify himself in you (see John 17:1-11).

If you are ready to follow and surrender yourself totally Jesus, trustingly without doubt, join me in saying this prayer from your heart:

Jesus I love You;
All I have is Yours;
Yours I am, Yours I want to be;
Do with me whatever You will. Amen.

I wish a glorious day under the protective watch of Jesus. Peace be with you.

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  1. Mary Bola. says:

    Amen. He will watch over you always. Thanks padre.

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