Rejoice In the Lord Always


?Zeph 3:14-18a; Isa 12:2-3, 4bcde, 5-6 (R.v.6); Phil 4:4-7; Luke 3:10-18


Obviously, Christmas is a period of joy for most people. Yet the reason for this joy differs from person to person. Some people, in fact, rejoice for wrong reasons and in wrong ways. Hence, as the season gradually draws closer to its apex, the Liturgy of today tries to reorientate us on the reason and ways to rejoice.?

Both the First and Second Readings inform us that the reason for our joy must come from the fact that the Lord, who is the reason for the season, is already at hand, and his coming would bring freedom progress and prosperity. Remember his manifesto as is recorded in Luke 4:18-19, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and sight to the blind; to free the oppressed and to announce the Lords year of mercy.”?

This Liturgical Year is already declared as the Year of Mercy. In order to queue in perfectly therefore into the reason for the season and share the joy in the right way, the Gospel gives us, through the mouth of John the Baptist, practical ways of helping Jesus to fulfill that manifesto. It is by putting smiles on the faces of our neighbours who are in need and making sure that we do not inflict pains on others.?

May the mercy and joy of the Lord come into every aspect of our life, especially our spiritual life. Amen.??

Have a lovely and joyful Sunday. It is well with you.??

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