⏰Second Sunday in Advent (Year B)

📖Isa 40:1-5, 9-11; Ps 85:9ab and 10, 11-12, 13-14 (R.v.8); 2 Pet 3:8-14; Mark 1:1-8


At the beginning of Advent last Sunday, we were informed of the basic components of Advent period. It is a period of waiting for the King of kings, which is why we use the purple colour in the Church at this time, indicating expectancy, repentance and royalty.

Last Sunday, being watchful dominated the message. But on this Second Sunday, the theme of preparing the way for the Lord runs through all the readings. In the First Reading, while the people of Israel were in exile in Babylon, Isaiah comes with a message of hope and restoration. The instruction to make the path in the wilderness straight and to level up all the valleys would be meaningful to the people since the distance between Babylon and Jerusalem is covered with those. So, if the promise of a journey to restoration that Isaiah brought would be a smooth one, these hazards need to be taken care of.

Yet, Isaiah was pointing to something more than physical deserts, wilderness and valleys. He was talking about their spiritual state.

The Gospel also clearly makes the same point as the first reading on making ourselves clean so that when the Lord comes, we shall be ready to accept him. Remember that we do not know when the Lord would come. December 25 is not all about that coming. The Christian Community of Peter’s time were also worried of the time it is going to be. Hence, St Peter, in the Second Reading encourages the people to stop calculating the dates and concentrate more on living good lives. The best way to wait for the Lord is by living holy lives.

Assuming the Second coming happens now, would you be found ready?

Let us desist from taking God’s patience for granted but work assiduously to live uprightly so that when the Lord comes, we shall reap the full benefits of his presence.

May God grant us the grace and strength to prepare a way for him in us so that Christ may hitchlessly come into our hearts and our lives and take possession of us to bless us. Amen

Have a blessed Sunday. Peace be with you.

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