All Powerful and merciful Father,
You are the God of justice, love and Peace
You rule over all the nations of the earth
Power and might are in your hands
And no one can withstand you.

We present our country Nigeria before You.
We praise and thank you
for You are the source of all we have and are.

We are sorry for all the sins we have committed
and the good deeds we have failed to do.
In Your loving forgiveness,
Keep us safe from the punishment we deserve.

Lord, we are weighed down
not only by uncertainties
but also by moral, economic and political problems.
Listen to the cries of Your people
who confidently turn to You.

God of infinite goodness,
our strength in adversity,
our comfort in sorrow,
Be merciful to us Your people.
Spare this nation Nigeria from chaos, anarchy and doom.
Bless us with Your Kingdom of justice, love and peace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

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