Oh Our Lady, Queen and Mother of Nigeria we beseech thee,
We come to your throne of grace seeking your face
In a special way in this year of our celebration
Of the Marian Year and Centenary of Fatima
We come to you this year, Mother of the Holy Family
To intercede for our troubled families
We come to you, Help of Christians
To intercede for the persecuted Christians in Nigeria
We come to you Our Lady of Perpetual Help
To intercede for our Country and our leaders

We come to you especially, Our Lady of Fatima
In this Centenary of your appearance in Portugal
When you brought peace to that once troubled country.
And as we mark that historic moment this year,
We beg of you to do the same in our country, Nigeria

Obtain for us that peace which can only come from Heaven:
Peace in our hearts, homes, places of work and our nation
May the celebration of the Marian Year in Nigeria
And the eventual re-consecration of our country
To your Immaculate Heart, restore total peace

Oh Holy Mother of God and Mother of the Church,
Make our hearts free from evil and hatred,
And make us able to bring to all others true joy and peace,
Which come to us from your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
Lives and reigns, forever and ever, Amen

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