⏰Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter (1 May 2018 – Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker)

📖Acts 14:19-28; Ps 145:10-11, 12-13ab, 21 (R.v.12a); John 14:27-31a

Today is a day of many beginnings and celebrations. It is the first day of the month and in the Church, this is one of the two months of special devotion to our Mother Mary, our great intercessor. It is also the memorial of St. Joseph the Worker and the Workers Day.

Over the time, our workers are not well treated all over the world. Considered from the Nigerian perspective, one could view the situation as one of near hopelessness.

Many workers consider the situation as very bad and so try, through all kinds of foul means for survival. This has led many into compromising their values and depending basically on their individual efforts for survival.

In the midst of all those, we have suddenly found ourselves in a state of anarchy with increased violence and sudden preference to the lives of cows at the expense of human lives. We are now thrown into states of hopelessness and restlessness.

However, no matter how bad it might be and as we begin this new month, Jesus tells us today, “My peace I give to you” (John 14:27). I believe and strongly so, that this shall be the beginning of that peace and tranquility we have always desired. Amen.

All we need to do now is to try to seek out the will of God for us before embarking on any project in life and follow it trustingly.

St Joseph knew the importance of Gods will in his life. He lived his life in the midst of great challenges of life but his faith never wavered. He trusted so much such that the Scripture calls him a just man (Matt 1:19). Through his memorial today, the Church calls us to reflect on the dignity of human labour and the sanctifying power of work in our world.

Two important lessons for us:
(1) We must have absolute confidence in divine providence. When we have done all that is humanly possible and things seem not to be working well for us, we must follow Jesus, the divine supplier trustingly and he will not abandon us.

(2) Even when things work out well for us or God uses us to do special works as he used St. Joseph, we must not forget that we are but instruments in the hands of God and so give the glory to God.

As we begin this month with God, we pray that the Holy Spirit may enable us to be present to Jesus through faith, to rely on him and to obey him. Amen.

Happy new month and workers’ day. Peace be with you.

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