⏰Thursdayimg-20160826-wa0029 of the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (29 Oct. 2020)

📖Eph 6:10-20; Ps 144:1, 2, 9-10 (R.v.1a); Luke 13:31-35


Beloved in Christ, we are really in a war front in this world. St Paul understood that so well that he warned us ahead of time to prepare for our defence by putting on the armoury of God (Eph 6:10-20).

In the Gospel of St John, that theme of warfare is also very prevalent and is often depicted with the opposition between light and darkness. Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12); this light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not overcome it (John 1:5). This Light is the Word which is God (John 1:1-2).

Can you see? All you need is to have that light in your life and then be sure that all the oppositions of the agents of darkness would not triumph in your life.

St Paul suggests that the best way to put on that armoury is through prayer. It is not surprising then why Jesus was always triumphant against his oppositions; he was a man of prayer.

You must have heard that saying that he who kneels before God can stand against any force. The prayer-life of Jesus was able to turn him into a fearless preacher. Turn to God in prayer today and he will take care of all your fears and opposition.

“Lord, teach us how to pray. Let your spirit pray in us so that our supplications may appear before you like a fragrant incense worthy of your attention. And may your power grant us victory against all that come against us.” Amen.

Have a victorious and glorious day. It is well with you.

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  1. Chine says:

    Amen.May I pray In season and out of season

  2. Chine says:

    Amen and may I be given the Grace to pray in season and out of season

  3. Chine says:

    Amen and may God give me the Grace of praying in season and out of season

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