⏰Thursday of the Twenty-Fifth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (28 Sept. 2017)

????Haggai 1:1-8; Ps 149:1-2, 3-4, 5-6a and 9bc (R.v.4a); Luke 9:7-9

After Ezra had settled the people in their land, things were so difficult for them and so, they put off the reconstruction of the temple first while they went on rebuilding their own homes. Some of the leaders who should have cautioned them instead supported them with the normal excuse, “God will understand.” It was at this time that God sent the prophet Haggai to the people.

The major message Haggai gave the people was on the immediate rebuilding of the temple of God. This temple was damaged when the people were taken to exile.

While we can historically place the ministry of Haggai at the post-exilic era of the Jews, we can say that he is talking to us too. First is on the need to support, in every way we can, in the building of the Church of God, both the material structure and the spiritual one.

Second, remember that our body is equally the temple of the Holy Spirit. Sin sends us into exile from the presence of God and destroys his temple in us. We must equally begin to rebuild this temple, and now is the time, tomorrow might be too late.

Consider the insecurity which Herod felt at hearing about the works of Jesus. He had a strong material house but he was still insecure because he had not built a home for God in his life. So shall it be for those who do not have a good place for God in their lives before the end.

May God help us to understand at all times the urgency of preparing well for the coming of the Lord before it is too late. Amen.

Do have a grace-filled day. Peace be with you.

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