⏰Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter (11 May 2020)

📖Acts 14:5-18; Ps 115:1-2, 3-4, 15-16 (R.v.1ab); John 14:21-26

The time that Jesus had to spend with his disciples was getting shorter and so he had to prepare them for that time that he would no longer with them. One important thing that they need to do, which we too need to do as this working week begins, is to surrender all to Jesus and love him because that guarantees the Father’s love for us (John 14:23).

Remember that we can love Jesus by being faithful to all that he commands. If we do that, we are sure that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate will be with us always to direct our steps in the right path (John 14:26).

If we are led by the Holy Spirit, we are sure of success and progress. So begin now to follow him by keeping Jesus’ instructions to us – love of God and love of neighbour.

However, at the time when we have succeeded in what we set out to do or when we reach the apex of our career; at that time when people are praising us for our achievements; at that time when we have become so important that it would seem that people can no longer do without us, let us not forget that apart from [him, we] can do nothing.

That is when we can say with the Psalmist, To God be the glory (cf. Ps 115:1). That was the attitude of Paul and Barnabas in Lycaonia when the people wanted to worship them as gods. Never forget that you have no power of your own, all powers belong to Jesus (cf. Matt 28:18).

May the Holy Spirit guide your steps to greatness, this week and beyond and also endow you with the grace of humility in the face of your prosperity. Amen.

Have a stress-free week ahead. Peace be with you.

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