⏰Wednesday of the Thirty-Second Week of Ordinary Time 1 (15 Nov. 2017)

????Wis 6:1-11; Ps 82:3-4, 6-7 (R.v.8a); Luke 17:11-19

Today, the writer of the Book of Wisdom turns his attention to the kings and leaders. He envisaged the saying of St. Paul that all authority comes from God (cf. Rom 13:1) and can only be well exercised with the help of God. Hence, he advised all leaders to submit themselves into God’s hands in order to be successful in their position and lead the people in freedom and righteousness.

Same thing applies to all our affairs. If we turn to Jesus always, he will help us to surmount our problems. There is something we must learn from the lepers that Jesus healed in Luke 17:11-19. That is, turning our misfortunes into stepping stones.

Luke said that when they saw Jesus, they began to shout for help. Shouting is not something new to them. In fact, the societal welfare compels them to stay away in isolated places and keep shouting in order to warn the people of the presence of unclean persons. But in this case, they were not trying to scare Jesus but to attract his attention.

Are you going to allow that your problem continue to weigh you down even while Jesus is in your neighborhood? Why not shout out to to Jesus for help instantly. He is more than able to help.

As you shout out to Jesus, there is one thing he requires from you – faith. It does not matter what your past has been; you might have been the worst of sinners, or that your problems have defiled all possible solutions. Then you might be the reason the Samaritan was among the cured, and the only one saved. This man was a double outcast – health-wise and religiously. Yet, Jesus saved him.

You shall also be saved by Jesus if you trust him. May he be your stronghold and your helper in time of need. Amen.

Have a miraculous and joyful day ahead. Peace be with you.

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  1. Jerry jide chukwu says:

    Amen and with your spirit thanks Fr good morning

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