📑1 John 5:14-21; Ps 149:1b-2, 3-4, 5-6a and 9bc, 17 (R.v.4a); John 3:22-30


An idol can be seen as anything that takes over the place of God in your life or takes priority anytime over God in your life.

Most times, I warn people to desist from carrying their phones to Church because of this. If you are with your phone on in the Church when you had come to worship and the phone rings, and you go out to answer, for a moment you have left worshipping God to worship the phone call.

Some people often say that they are expecting an urgent and important call; and I ask, of what use would that be if God removes network from that area?

Do not always want to play God; allow God to take his proper place in your life and you will see that he can be more generous than we can ever ask for (1 John 5:14-15).

Pride can also be another type of idol in our lives; it makes us assume a position that God has not given us and sometimes makes us to want to assume the position of God. John the Baptist teaches us that we can get nothing if it was given to us from above. Hence, our positions and possessions must make God to increase in us (John 3:27, 30). Otherwise, they become idols for us.

May God really take his proper place in your life to guard, guide and provide for you this day and beyond. May you also be granted the humility to use all that God gave you to serve him faithfully in this life and enjoy eternal life with him in the next. Amen.

Have a glorious weekend. Peace be with you.

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