⏰Monday of the Twenty-Eighth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (16 October 2017)

????Rom 1:1-7; Ps 98:1, 2-3ab, 3cd-4 (R.v.2a); Luke 11:29-32

My dear, it is a beautiful new working week. I pray that God may visit your household to bless you in this new week and beyond. May he wipe your tears and turn you into a reference point for testimonies through Christ our Lord. Amen.

You only need to build a strong faith in Jesus Christ. If you have Jesus in your life, you already have all that is required, in fact, the best that is required (cf. Luke 10:42).

The crowd that Jesus called a wicked generation in the Gospel needed more than Jesus; they needed a sign. In other words, they lacked faith in Jesus. “Faith is the guarantee of things we hope for, and the certainty of things that we do not see” (Heb 11:1).

The Ninevites did not wait to see before they believed in Jonah’s call for conversion. Unfortunately, the people of Jesus’ time, and worse, in our time, were only interested in the signs. That is why many of us walk into doom with our eyes wide open, rushing into wherever there is a gong for miracles, signs and wonders.

Does your faith go beyond the signs? St. Paul acknowledges that the grace from Jesus Christ can help us bring about the obedience of faith that is required of us. We therefore pray that the grace of God may multiply in us so that our faith may remain ever stronger, and our joy, forever renewed in Christ. Amen.

Have a fulfilled and joyful new working week. Peace be with you.

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