Dan 12:1-3; Ps 16:5 and 8, 9-10, 11 (R.v.1); Heb 10:11-14, 18; Mark 13:24-32

My dear, the end is very imminent, with just one more Sunday to go. Recall one very important point that we made last Sunday. It is the fact that God has done everything well for us, and whatever we might decide to give him is in appreciation to that which he already did for us. That point was solidified today even while the readings tried to remind us of the certainty of the end time.

Ordinarily, when the end is mentioned many of us become very apprehensive because of the fact that the end demands an evaluation. Not only that, with regard to the different upheavals that have been predicted to accompany the end time, people are afraid of being witnesses of that time.

However, note that the end is principally a time of harvest when Christ shall come to take his own back to himself. That means, the only people who would suffer at the hands of the upheavals are those who are left behind from the company of Jesus.

If you are not already in the bus that would take you into that company of Jesus, then you really need to be worried. And that bus is the bus of righteousness.

So why not work now to be part of that company now that you still have the opportunity to do so? Assuming that this tail end of the Churchs Liturgical Year also marks the end of time, will you be found ready to join Jesus, irrespective of where you are or what you are doing at the time. That is the message if today BE ONLY AT THE PLACE, AND DO ONLY THE THING YOU WILL BE PROUD OF IF JESUS SUDDENLY APPEARS.

Next Sunday shall be the end of this Liturgical Year, and the day we shall be celebrating the Solemnity of Christ the Universal King. Is Jesus already reigning in your life as the King? Are you among those he is going to draw to himself when he is lifted from the earth (cf. John 12:32)?

May God give us the grace to do his will at all times so that he may still recognize us in the end when he comes to take back his own from the world through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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