I do not know why I am revisiting this matter. I have tried to ignore the urge to do this but my conscience would not allow me to rest. I then reasoned that God might be pushing me to do this again because of you. Maybe he wants to reassure you that he is with you despite all that come your way in life.

Listen to this! The people of Israel had spent a very long time in exile, and were already losing hope of God’s intervention before the prophet Isaiah came to them with the messages of courage and hope that we have in the book of Isaiah, chapters 40 – 55.

We are certainly going to fit into the depressing disposition of these Jews that were in exile when we begin to consider the length of time we have spent with a particular challenge of which we have been begging God for intervention.

For many of us, our elastic limit has been overstretched. There is nothing we have not done to get solution but nothing seems to be in view. We have attended all Crusades we ever heard of and did all degrees of fasting and prayers, yet we are still where we were. Hey! Don’t begin to imagine that God owes you for coming to him. That is merit/reward centered morality, and it is dangerous.

First, it is important that we know that God’s ways are not like our ways. Number of years do not matter so much to him. In fact, a thousand years here may mean one day in his sight (cf. Ps 84:10, 90:4, 119:148; 2 Pet 3:8) and it is not as if his hands are too short to save us (Isa 59:1). We must learn to see God as being in charge, and who would attend to us in his own time.

We must not see our present challenges as signs that God is far away from us. Make no mistake about this! He had not promised us a crossless life. He rather asks us to carry our crosses and follow him (cf. Matt 16:24). What he did promise is that for those who come to him, their crosses would be made lighter (Matt 11:28-30).

This is all you need to do tonight before you sleep. Allow God to in charge. He is cooking your blessings and breakthrough. He would let you have them at the proper time.

So, may the Lord grant you a quiet night and a peaceful rest. Amen. It is well with you.

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